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We’re Officially Keeping Up With This Hilarious Instagram Account

Instagramers Kathleen Lee and Katie B had an idea. What if they created an Instagram account dedicated to dressing up like the fashion icon Kardashians? (And yes, like them or hate them, they actually are fashion icons…sigh.) The result of that idea is now a viral sensation Insta account called “what_would_yeezus_wear.”

No matter your opinion of the Armenian reality-show family, it’s hard to ignore the laugh out loud imitations by Kathleen and Katie.

Here are just a few of our favorites:

In 2014, Kim and Kanye tried to keep a low profile by hiding their faces with red and black handkerchiefs. Kathleen and Katie nailed it.

Yeezy Insta Parody Fashion

Just a month later in November of 2014, a picture of Kim holding her drowsy daughter North resulted in a particularly hilarious post from what_would_yeezus_wear. Imagine the fun these two have taking these?

Insta Parody Yeezy Fashion

This one was cleverly captioned “When #bae outta town…” You know, because how else would you dress?

Yeezy Parody Insta Fashion

Here are just a few more that made us giggle:

The face and even the pant legs! Perfect.

Yeezy Insta Account Fashion

Yeezy Insta Parody Fashion

Parody Yeezy Insta Fashion

Parody Insta Yeezy Fashion

parody insta kardashian yeezy fashion

This will definitely be a fun new Insta follow we look forward to “Keeping Up…” with! Bible.