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8 Weird and Wacky Products You Didn’t Even Know You Needed.

We all know there’s a lot of WEIRD out there on the internet. But, sometimes, weird works. Check out these hilarious products you never knew you needed.

The Husband Pillow

Got a husband who travels a lot? You’ll barely notice he’s gone with a husband pillow to snuggle up with! You can even order it (him?) in the color of your real guy’s pajamas! LOL. $34.99

Tweexy Nail Polish Holder

We admit it looks a little silly but, let’s face it, this product makes sense! Balancing your nail polish on your leg or trying to hold it in one hand while painting with the other isn’t always easy. The Tweexy slips right over your fingers and holds the polish upright. Brilliant. $10.00

Tata Towels

Wait, what? Yes, tata towels are a thing. Designed for larger breasted (or breast-feeding) women who hate the discomfort of sweaty undersides and constricted backs, it’s the tata towel to the rescue. They’re also available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Hmmmm… $15.99 – $23.99

Placenta Recipes Cookbook

Ok, we may have thrown up in our mouth just a little at this one. But, hey, there are people who firmly believe in the idea that placentophagy (the eating of placenta) prevents postpartum depression and other pregnancy complications. So, we guess for those going that route…might as well make the best of it! $2.99 on Kindle only.

Preheels Blister Preventing Spray

PreHeels spray claims to create an invisible barrier on the skin that blocks friction from shoes to prevent hot spots, irritation and blisters. The spray is also said to work for sandals, flats, running shoes or just any old shoe that rubs you the wrong way.

The Babykeeper

It’s a bag, it’s a purse, it’s your baby hanging from a hook in a public bathroom stall! Assuming it’s safe, we actually LOVE this product. What a great idea to avoid the struggle of keeping your baby off the nasty floor while trying to take care of your own business! $39.99 weird wacky gifts

Baby Mop

Being a Mom is all about multi-tasking, right? So, why not put that crawling toddler to work for you? Introducing the Baby Mop… $29.99

Happy shopping, Moms!