royal family ski trip vacation

The Royal family looks happy and relaxed in most recent photos released by Kensington Palace. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took to the ski slopes last week on their first vacation as a family of four. It was also noted in a tweet from Kensington Palace that this was the first time the children ever played in the snow.

The parents are sporting goggles and crouching down in the snow holding their little ones in what appears to be a winter wonderland in the photo above.

Little Prince George, now two-years-old, and his ten-month-old sister, Princess Charlotte, looked adorable all bundled up in their snow suits and winter hats frolicking in the snow of the French Alps.

This sweet photo features a moment between daddy and daughter, and shows just how big Charlotte is getting!


Prince William and Kate had a little snowball fight, which was captured by Press Association photographer John Stillwell, the only photographer allowed access to the royals on vacation. Kate would appear to come out the victor of the snowball fight, which shows William on the receiving end of a snowball to the face, followed by him playfully wrestling Kate’s next snowball away from her. The couple seeming to have a blast together.

The exact location of their recent vacation is still not known, and only after the vacation came to an end, were the photos released. This was part of the parent’s desire to shield their children from the media and protect their privacy as much as possible.

Skiing is a tough sport to do as a parent of little ones. Both Kate and Will were big skiers prior to having children, so it’s nice to see the two taking to the slopes again and introducing something they love to Prince George and Princess Charlotte.