triplet yearbook quote

Being a triplet must be so cool, you have a built in support system as you venture out into the world. You definitely have a special connection that mere siblings don’t have (a sort of triplet super human mind-meld thing). At the same time, we’re sure being a triplet has it’s difficulties or little annoyances. Like always being called “one of the triplets,” or people asking you if you have any special super human powers…or maybe that’s just me. Anyhow, these graduating triplets nailed it when it comes to their yearbook quotes.

Check it out….

Kassidy, the first sibling writes simply, “Knock knock.” Her brother, Keaton, picks up where she left off and asks, “Who’s there?” to which Kylee wraps it up with the zinger, “Not the triplets. We graduated.”

Although we were left wondering whether or not it would have had the same impact if, by chance, one of them ended up on the line below or above the other two?

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Gotta love some good clean fun. Congrats to the happy graduates, and their parents!!!