Breastfeeding Mom Shamed

Post Goes Viral as Other Moms Cheer in Support

We keep thinking this will stop happening soon. We keep thinking that the days of Mom-shaming are over. And yet, time and time again we hear new examples of women taking on other women in public. And, in this case, it was one Mom suggesting another Mom was indecent for breastfeeding her hungry child (feeding her hungry child!) in public.

As first-time mom Aleigha Jean nursed her hungry 7-week-old daughter, Delainey, while shopping at Walmart, she was approached by another woman. Unfortunately, the woman wasn’t exactly coming over to offer congratulations to Aleigha on her adorable new baby. Quite the contrary.

Here’s Aleigha’s post. (Please excuse some “colorful” language.)

Mom Shamed Breastfeeding

Mom Shamed Breastfeeding

Cheers to you, Momma.

Not surprisingly, other Moms rushed to support the new Mom with comments including:

“It just looks like u are holding your baby.” 

“Keep doing what you are doing, Mama! Boys need to be taught not to sexualize breasts. Truth be told, the kids were probably too busy touching cr*p on the shelves than paying attention to what you were doing.”

“Honey, let me tell you.. You have a lot more support than hate in this world. Don’t worry about one uneducated and ignorant woman. You feed that sweet baby girl of yours.”

One family member even saw the post and voiced her thanks for all the positive comments:

“This is my husbands cousin, I want to say thank you To all the women and men that have stood up for her and bashed all the ignorant people that have commented. No woman should have to feel shame for feeding their baby! Love you Aleigha!”

ROMPER said it best when they shared this fact: “Breastfeeding in public is now protected by law in all 50 states. So regardless of how rude strangers — or business owners, for that matter — feel about it, moms are perfectly within their rights to nurse wherever they’re legally allowed to be…And for those who don’t like it, or feel “uncomfortable” catching a glimpse of a baby eating, the solution is quite simple, really: Look away.”