penn holderness down with add parody video

“You Down With ADD? Yeah, so is he!”

The Holderness Family has taken on a topic many parents and children can relate to…ADD, also known as Attention Deficit Disorder.

Typically discussions about ADD have to do with kids dealing with it, however, their latest video features Penn Holderness and his life with ADD. Interestingly enough, he doesn’t share his ‘struggle’ with ADD, but rather considers it a gift. He writes, “I hate that it’s called a disorder.  There are so many things that people with ADD do well.  We are great multitaskers.  We have an energy that is often infectuous.  We are passionate, and spontaneous, and creative.  We love to love, and to be loved.”

The parody video kicks off with his daughter finding the remote control in the fridge, and immediately knows the culprit, as she calls out, “What? Daddy you left the remote in the fridge again.” Cue the background music provided by the 1991 rap hit, O.P.P by Naughty By Nature.

The whole family starts rapping, asking the question, “You down with A.D.D.?” To which they all answer, “Yeah, so is he” as they point at Penn.

There are many funny moments in the video to illustrate Penn’s ADD starting with boiling water coming out of a keurig coffee maker with no mug underneath it because, well, obviously Penn was distracted while making his beverage.

Other examples of Penn’s ADD shine through, like when he stops right in the middle of the song to check out a squirrel, or he hears the ice cream truck (his kids are totally into that one too though!). He also shows how hard it is to focus on what his wife Kim is saying because of the furry creature hanging out behind her, or how he scares the life out of her by jumping out of the closet at her.

Comments started pouring in, with most people thanking Penn for breaking the stigma normally associated with ADD, such as this woman who wrote, “Thank you for sharing. As someone who struggles with ADD it’s good to see it talked about in an enlightening and positive way.”

Others shared their children’s struggles and how they showed them the video, which brought a smile to their faces. One mom wrote, “I showed your video to my son Isaiah yesterday. Afterward, he paused for a second, then said: “FINALLY! Someone who understands, who GETS it!” He’s starting middle school this year, and it’s a struggle (even on the meds) but he is SUCH an awesome human.”

You down with ADD?